Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mandy Aftel's Jasmine Face Elixir - by Aftelier Perfumes (review, images)

Slap some jasmine on your face! 
You'll thank me later.

How would you like to use simple, decadent skincare that not only plumps fine lines, softens and moisturizes, and contains antioxidants that help slow down the signs of aging, but also smells amazing?

What a stupid question. Of course that sounds amazing, right? And it's easy peasey with just a drop or two of one of Mandy Aftel's Face Elixirs

My favorite is Jasmine (which contains notes of geranium and ylang ylang in addition to the jasmine), but there are other choices: Lavender (additional notes of cistus, and clary sage), Rose (additional notes of frankincense and sandalwood), and Wild Orange (which blends wild sweet orange with patchouli and cedar wood). They are all very, very good.

All of the Face Elixirs are blended with a base of  rice bran, grapeseed, and rose hip oils and the addition of squalene and sea buckthorn berry. Rice bran oil is a popular anti-ager in Japan thanks to its antioxidants and loads of Vitamins E & B. It's also thought to be quite soothing and beneficial for inflamed or irritated skin. Grapeseed oil is actually lovely for oily skin (imagine!) and may help control and balance your skin's oil production. It's also packed with antioxidants and may help give you a nice, bright complexion thanks to its high levels of Vitamin C. Rosehip oil is packed with essential fatty acids which make the skin nice and soft and plump (plump skin = fewer fine lines!). Additionally, rosehip oil's retinoic acid may help even your skintone and even combat pigmentation and rosacea! All of these oils are known to absorb quickly into the skin. Squalene is an antioxidant and moisturizer; sea buckthorn berry is greatly believed to be not only a great antiager but is also thought to be great at healing and soothing skin irritations, including acne.

Aftelier suggests applying the Face Elixirs at night, which is indeed lovely, but I prefer to put it on the AM and let it sink in before using makeup. This results in a hydrated look with a nearly air-brushed finish. I also suggest that men give these a go, applying to the skin after shaving for some aromatherapeutic soothing and a little sneaky man-friendly anti-aging (Lavender and Wild Orange are excellent choices for more traditional men). 

For the record, I have tried all four of the Face Elixirs and find them all brilliant. They're amazing for my skin, even though the idea of putting oils on combination skin seems counter-intuitive*. And the scents are so mind-blowing. The act of applying these is certainly one of those "ahhhh...." moments that brighten my day. The scent sticks around for a few minutes, then fade softly over the next half an hour. A more refreshed, more youthful look plus amazing aromas? Yes, please. Eventually, I plan to have every one of these lined-up along my vanity.

Face Elixrs are $40 and money well-spent, in my opinion. 

I'm one hundred percent sold on face oils. Are you? Have you tried them yet? Which are your favorites?

*Full disclosure: I am sensitive to sea buckthorn berry
and find it irritating to my chin,
so I do avoid placing the Face Elixirs there
 to avoid the otherwise unavoidable breakout.
I have no issues with this oil anywhere else on my face or throat.
Unless you react to one of the ingredients in these oils,
 I would expect no breakouts or otherwise negative experiences from this scent.
Since I am not dehydrated there nor do I have chin wrinkles (!)
 I don't mind skipping application in that area. 

From the Aftelier Perfumes website:
Perfect for both men and women, these anti-oxidant rich face elixirs comfort your skin and promote cell regeneration. Mandy creates them from the following oils:
- Grapeseed oil, rich in vitamins and minerals, is penetrating and helps tone the skin.
- Rose hip oil improves elasticity and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.
- Velvety smooth rice bran oil reduces the formation of wrinkles and slows down aging.
- Squalene helps hydrate and protect the skin, encourages regeneration of healthy skin cells, and prevents premature aging of the skin.
- Seabuckthorn berry oil combats wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished skin.
This lightweight formula absorbs easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. Use on your clean face before bed, and drift off to sleep in a light veil of fragrance that promotes relaxation. When you wake up, your skin will feel wonderfully nourished and revitalized. For men, use after shaving to nourish your face.


  1. Ooh, the jasmine and the rose one sound divine.

    The oils themselves sound very nice too.

    Much success to Mandy with her Face Elixirs. :)

    ~Dawn D.

    1. They're amazing, Dawn. I have been using oils for a year and love my pure, organic, virgin Argan Oil, but these are a decadent treat!

  2. Jen,

    I just started using organic Argan Oil and I love it! It would be nice though to have a nicely scented oil that works just as well. Sounds like Mandy's are something I will into. :)


    1. 100%! I love my Argan Oil. Hey, stay tuned, because I have a few more oil reviews coming up soon!


  3. Thank you so much for your marvelous (and gorgeous) review Jen! Every year I love to research and improve the formulation of my face elixirs, and this year I’ve actually removed the sea buckthorn and added sweet almond and camilla. I’m glad to have found organic sources for everything except rosehip seed, which is wild-harvested.
    xo Mandy


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